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 Sports Club International Summer Ski Race Camps

Winter Park Travel joins Sports Club International in an effort to help keep travel costs low. Call Derek at 1-800-325-2748 for your camp travel needs. Groups of 10 or more receive favorable airline discounts. TRAVEL AND TRIP INSURANCE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and can be obtained through Derek.


Permission To Travel
A notarized Permission to Travel form is necessary for all children traveling out of the US and is available from our Download Area of our website.

Arrival and Departure:
Please arrange travel into the Vancouver International Airport, Canada after 9am and before 12pm on arrival and departure day. Arrival and departure days are the first and last days of camp. If you plan to drive just let us know- a map is available from our Download Area.

Unaccompanied Minors:
If you choose to use your airline's Unaccompanied Minor Program, the contact info for the Responsible Party meeting your child at the airport in Vancouver (this is required by your airline:
Sara Radamus or Sports Club International/ 970-390-1319/4600 Whistler Way/ Whistler, BC and 104 Meadow Rd, Edwards, CO.
We highly suggest you send your child with the receipt of the fees paid for the round trip Unaccommpanied Minor Program and luggage fees to ensure a smooth check in on the return flight.


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