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Our Team

Sport Club international coaching staff

Below is the full list of coaches and what venue you are most likely to see them.

Sara Radamus

Founder (all-areas)

Camp Director: Coach Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, 1986 –1994; Ski Club Vail, 1981 –1986; Associate Coach with US Men’s and Women’s Ski Team; Private coach, Olympic Coach and loves coaching all ages and abilities.


Founder (all-areas)

Program Director: Founder of the Sports Club International Summer Racing Camps. Formerly Director of Development for the U.S. Ski Team, Men and Women. Head Mens’ SL/GS Coach of the U.S. Ski Team, 1994 -1996. Head Alpine Coach of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, 1986 – 94. Domestic Coach of the Year, 1990.

SL GS coach 1984-86
Executive Director of Ski and snowboard club Vail 2002-2016
Alpine Director Team Summit Colorado 2018-present


Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

Assistant Camp Director: Gladys has coached with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, Ski Club Vail, SCI Coach 15 years, Head FIS Coach Sun Valley Ski Team and was a key member of the UNM Championship Team. She loves coaching and feels so fortunate to have had amazing coaches during her own racing career. They challenged, motivated, and inspired her to commit to ski racing with all heart and no regrets. Skiing was a huge part of her life and because of them, she is still loving it! 


Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

Cindy brings a wealth of  experience to SCI Camps. She has worked countrywide from GMVS in Vermont to Telluride in Colorado. She is always available for all the campers’ every need.

River Radamus

Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

Having been a long time camper at SCI, River transfers his knowledge and passion of ski racing to the young campers with pure happiness. When he is not involved with his ski camps with the US Ski Team or racing throughout the world, you’ll find him at SCI helping young aspiring SCI campers “enjoying the process”. 

Storm Klomhaus

Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

A Colorado native, Coach Storm is an inspirational role model, mentor and valued coach on the SCI Staff. She coaches at SCI camps in between her World Cup and US Ski Team duties. A NCAA GS Champion winner at all levels, we are honored to have her on our staff as her time permits.


Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

Director of Sugarbowl Ski Team, CA. Named 1999 Farwest Coach of the Year. Previously at Squaw Valley Ski Team.


Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

Max comes to us from PA, Gould Academy,  St. Lawrence University and Vail , CO. He has coached with SCI in Sunday River, Vail and Whistler Camps. Lots of fun and improvement to be had as a camper in Max’s group!  


Whistler / Valle Nevado

Brett joins SCI from Vail where he coaches the U14 Program at SSCV. Previously from Hidden Valley and incredibly passionate coach. 


Vail, Copper, Valle Nevado, Whistler

SCI Coach Extrordinaire! SCI coach for 10 years, NCAA 3 time All American, US Nationals top ten competitor. Previous coach at GMVS and currently with University of Vermont. Tremendous addition to the SCI Staff.

Jim Schaffner

Whistler / Valle Nevado

With over 10 years coaching with SCI. Jim has been working in the ski industry his entire life. He honed his skills in racing, coaching, bootfitting and ski preparation, Schaffner is known worldwide for his work with athletes in racing service. His greatest love is enhancing the performance through coaching and equipment work. He calls Truckee, California home where he owns and operates The Start Haus Ski Shop.

Leyte McNealus


Hailing from the great ski-state of Vermont, Leyte is an integral coach for athletes of all ages. Previously a coach with Bromley Outing Club, she now works with SSCV. She exudes energy and love of the sport to all who are around her.


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